A.J. Mahari Counselor, Life Coach, & AuthorA.J. Mahari is a Counselor, Life Coach, Mental Health and Personal Development Coach, and an Author. She provides a lot of information free online about Cluster B Personality Disorders and does videos as well as (very soon) she will have Audios, Ebooks, and E-Courses available to help people who have suffered or are still suffering and/or lost in the abuse from a loved one (or ex) or parent with a Cluster B Personality Disorder at: phoenixrisingpublications.com Where she also blogs more about the multitude of challenges in the recovery and healing process from Cluster B abuse. (Look for many new helpful products coming soon specifically on Cluster B abuse and how to heal and recover from it.) You can find A.J.’s services there as well currently and/or purchase a session from the right hand menu PayPal button.

I wors with clients who have a cluster B personality Disorder but even more so works to help those who have been traumatized on the other side of a person with Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or Anti-Social Personality Disorder or any co-morbid Cluster B personality disorders in one individual in your life. I have been doing this work since 1995 online. I have also been writing, blogging, doing videos and that includes Ebooks and Audio Programs currently available.

What Makes A.J. Mahari an Expert in Cluster B Personality Disorders?

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