As the result of Narcissistic Abuse people often first start to learn intellectually about what has happened to them or what is happening to them on the other side of someone with (untreated) Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder – or someone with Anti Social Personality Disorder. It is so important to not just take in and learn the intellectual understanding that is so crucial. It is equally important to realize that there is another layer to understanding that is emotional. So, what you are really dealing with and challenged by is not only the trauma and effects emotionally of abuse suffered.

More people need to realize that they are also very much in need of more emotional understanding and processing of what is being realized and learned intellectually. Each step of the way, piece by piece, being wide open to your feelings in a mindful and radically accepting way, feeling them, grieving, and releasing them as you also gain more intellectual understanding is the way to true healing, recovery and to being free of the effects – past or future – or in the now – of Cluster B Personality Disordered Narcissistic Abuse. The emotional processing of your intellectual learning is even more important to truly heal and let go and live your life outside the Cluster B zone or the on-going focus on the Cluster B abusive person in your life or who was in your life.

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