This site will provide information and support for those who have a Relative or loved one with Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or Anti-Social Personality Disorder. Here you will find blog posts, videos and more from A.J. Mahari to help you begin to understand or continue to understand what is happening in your life in relationship to someone with a Cluster B Personality Disorder.

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The Only Protection from BPD, NPD, or Psychopath

For those who are just realizing or already know or have left an abusive person with a Cluster B Personality Disorder, this site is for you. I work with clients “on the other side” as well. I do, however, also, and mainly now, work with clients who are in the healing and recovery process from toxic relationships with (untreated) Borderlines, with Narcissists, with the co-morbid Borderline-Narcissist, and/or with an anti-social personality disordered person – Sociopath or Psychopath.

Your recovery is possible. You do need recovery.


Protection from Narcissists & Psychopaths – Learning Mindful Self Control

Whether you are still in contact or a relationship with a Cluster B Personality Disordered person or you have been or were and are now ready to or you have ended the relationship, or are seeking to decrease contact and engagement in order to heal and recover, I hope you will find the information that I provide from personal experience as well as my over 20 years of working with people, just like you, will be of some help to you and hopefully support to you on your journey.


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